MAX Radio

“We have received nothing but exceptional feedback from our new look and design. This has also translated well with potential clients and our current advertisers and sponsors.”

Where we started

Max Radio is a new concept, playing old skool music from the 80s, 90s, 00s and future classics with an emphasis on personality led presenters who have lived and breathed the music.

The idea for Max Radio was born out of an initial concept in January 2020, by founders Matt Rogan (previously of Palm Fm, The Breeze, Signal1), Stu Haycock (previously of Signal1 & Peak FM). The new station has a host of fantastic presenters, alongside Matt and Stu, comfortably sit great names such as Foxy, Paul Kershaw, Lucy Ambache and Richie Pearson. 

We first met with Matt and Stu as they wanted to take their branding to the next level, to attract sponsors, advertisers and great presenters. They felt confident in their presenting skills, but did not have confidence in their brand.  

We spoke to them about the message they wanted to portray, who they were competing with and discovered their goals and long term plans for the station.

Brand Identity Example of work for Max Radio, created by Devon based branding agency, Frankman

The brief

Max Radio had worked with another designer, but didn’t feel like the brand was strong enough, or clearly demonstrated what the radio was all about.

“It was quite obvious for us to see that Frankman could provide the services we needed and take us up a few gears. We feel as if we have gone from looking semi serious to serious players. It was also clear to see that these guys knew what they were doing and completely understood what our brand is.”

The Max Radio logo was designed to promote the Old Skool vibe, mixed in with future classics.

The outcome

“The attention to detail is outstanding and their passion for what they do would be the single biggest reason. The communication throughout has been exemplary and I would have no hesitation in recommending them. Head and shoulders above anything we have ever experienced before, and they do it all with a smile, an occasional giggle and such hard work and dedication”

Max Radio launched on May 3rd. As well as the logo design, we have worked on a variety of graphics for social media and their website. 

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