Andrew Price

“Andrew had a clear vision for his business from day one. We are delighted to have seen his business grow and develop.”

Where we started

Andrew started the business in January 1995, the business has since come a long way and is very different now to what it was then. Andrew Price is a chartered accountant in Torquay, over the years he has grown to a team of 9 and is currently searching for an extra team member.

Andrew Price wanted to establish his name and brand as a leading chartered accountant in Torquay. Not only appealing to clients who needed accountancy and tax services, but to appeal to business owners who wanted a better business and more from their accountant.

Andrew recognised how his brand presented itself was important, he knew he could walk the walk, and wanted his brand to support his vision, offering and services.

The brief

Initially we started work on Andrew’s Logo Design, and then developed stationery for the business, over the years we have maintained Andrews strong brand ethic and beliefs across a range of marketing materials.

“We have a contemporary approach to accountancy, using the latest technology for the highest standards and efficiency. We pride ourselves on being up to speed with the latest industry changes, seeking new avenues to grow a client’s business and develop new services.”

What we have done...

The outcome

“I’m very fussy when it comes to design and Mark was very patient when designing our logo, when he showed it to me I instantly fell in love with it and it’s stood the test of time, going through three websites. Marks’ also designed our office signage and stationery, which still remains as fresh today as when it was created.”

The brand development has been exactly what Andrew hoped for, a fresh brand and strong design that will hold true and still looks good after 10 years.

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